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 Female Entrepreneurs are women who organize and manage an enterprise,  especially a business. Female entrepreneurship has steadily increased in the United  States during the 20th and 21st century, with female-owned businesses increasing at  a rate of 5% since 1997. 


“I started the womens entrepreneur club in Palm Springs because I believe in community, helping others and sharing my contacts and assistance in any way I can. Being in business is hard enough, let’s help each other through collaboration & friendship to grow our business’s successfully . “
-Tracy Turco

Artist, designer, author, hotelier, entrepreneur and style icon, Tracy Turco resides in the midcentury mecca of Palm Springs. Indulging in her love for all things vintage and retro-inspired, Tracy brings her magic touch to a range of unique residences, colorful boutique hotels, bespoke home decor pieces and more…

tracy turco

Acting President  - Erika Flannery
Secretary - Tracy Folks

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